Documents for using GRiST tools and services

Title Author Publication Title Publication Date Uploaded File
Reducing care calls to increase customer satisfaction C. D. Buckingham Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government 2019 ldf-research.pdf
Uses and attitudes of old and oldest adults towards self-monitoring health systems D’Haeseleer, I., Gerling, K., Vanrumste, B., Schreurs, D., Buckingham, C., & Abeele, V. V. Pervasive Health ’19: EAI International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare 2019 DHaeseleer-et-al-2019-UsesAttitudesOlderAdultsSelf-MonitoringHealthSystems.pdf
A Deep Evolutionary Approach to Bioinspired Classifier Optimisation for Brain-Machine Interaction Jordan J. Bird, Diego R. Faria, Luis J. Manso, Anikó Ekárt, and Christopher D. Buckingham Complexity 2019 bird-evo-class-brain-machine-2019_0.pdf
Emotion Recognition using Spatiotemporal Features from Facial Expression Landmarks Hamid Golzadeh, Diego R. Faria, Luis J. Manso, Anikó Ekárt, and Christopher D. Buckingham 2018 International Conference on Intelligent Systems (IS), IEEE 2018 facial-hg-df-lm-ae-cb-ieee-is2018-published.pdf
Capturing Human Intelligence for Modelling Cognitive-Based Clinical Decision Support Agents A. Rezaei-Yazdi and C.D. Buckingham Artificial Life and Intelligent Agents: Second International Symposium, ALIA 2016, Birmingham, UK, June 14-15, 2016, Revised Selected Papers 2018 ALIA-published.pdf
Policy based generic autonomic adapter for a context-aware social-collaborative system Nazmul Hussain, Hai Wang, and Christopher Buckingham 2018 International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Computer Vision (ISCV), IEEE 2018 nazmul-cdb-hai-ieee-AA-ISCV-2018.pdf
Developing a Hierarchical Fuzzy Rule-based Model with Weighted Linguistic Rules: A Case Study of Water Pipes Condition Prediction Nasser Amaitik and Christopher Buckingham Computing Conference, 2017: IEEE Xplore 2018 fuzzy-pipes-amaitik-buckingham-2017.pdf
Introducing a pilot data collection model for real-time evaluation of data redundancy Ali Rezaei-Yazdi and Christopher Buckingham Procedia Computer Science 2016 ali-cdb-procedia-computer-science-2016.pdf
Moderating the Influence of Current Intention to Improve Suicide Risk Prediction N. Zaher and C.D.Buckingham AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings, 2016 2016 zaher-cdb-amia-2017.pdf
Types of Computational Self-awareness And How We Might Implement Them Peter Lewis CODES/ISSS ’16, October 01-07 2016, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 2016 lewis-acm-pittsburgh-abstract-2016.pdf