Documents for using GRiST tools and services

Title Author Publication Title Publication Date Uploaded File
Developing a Hierarchical Fuzzy Rule-based Model with Weighted Linguistic Rules: A Case Study of Water Pipes Condition Prediction Nasser Amaitik and Christopher Buckingham Computing Conference, 2017: IEEE Xplore 2017 fuzzy-pipes-amaitik-buckingham-2017.pdf
Policy Based Generic Autonomic Adapter For A Context-Aware Social-Collaborative System Nazmul Hussain, Hai Wang, and Christopher Buckingham International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Computer Vision 2018 2018 nazmul-iscv-2018.pdf
Introducing a pilot data collection model for real-time evaluation of data redundancy Ali Rezaie-Yazdi and Christopher Buckingham Procedia Computer Science 2016 ali-cdb-procedia-computer-science-2016.pdf
Moderating the Influence of Current Intention to Improve Suicide Risk Prediction N. Zaher and C.D.Buckingham AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings, 2016 2016 zaher-cdb-amia-2017.pdf
Types of Computational Self-awareness And How We Might Implement Them Peter Lewis CODES/ISSS ’16, October 01-07 2016, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 2016 lewis-acm-pittsburgh-abstract-2016.pdf
Attitudes of Older Adults towards Self-Assessment of Mental Health, Safety and Wellbeing Ine D'Haeseleer et al Engineering4Society 2016: Raising awareness for the societal role of engineering 2016 AttitudesOlderAdultsTowardsSelfAssessmentMentalHealthSafetyWellbeing_a4paper.pdf
Living well to the end: A phenomenological analysis of life in extra care housing Rachel l. Shaw, Karen West, Barbara Hagger, & Carol a. Holland. International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being 2016 living-well-to-end-shaw-2016.pdf
Understanding Data Collection Behaviour of Mental Health Practitioners Rezaei-Yazdi and Buckingham Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare 2014 ali-cdb-InMed_2014.pdf
Handling Varying Amounts of Missing Data when Classifying Mental-Health Risk Levels Saleh and Buckingham Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare 2014 sherine-cdb-InMed_2014.pdf
Integrating service user and practitioner expertise within a web-based system for collaborative mental-health risk and safety management C.D.Buckingham et al Patient Education and Counseling 2015 mygrace-pec-2015.pdf