Documents for using GRiST tools and services

Title Author Publication Title Publication Date Uploaded File
Instructies voor myGRaCE Belgium Buckingham 2015 myGRACE-Functions.pdf
Mental health risk, safety, and the lost soul C.D.Buckingham, A.Adams, & A.Ahmed Care of the Soul in Illness and Health 2016 pardubice-cdb-2016.pdf
GRiST instructions C.D.Buckingham GRiST handbook 2015 grist-instructions.pdf
Instructions for myGRaCE GRaCE Team 2015 myGRACE-Functions.pdf
Assessing the economic returns of engineering research and post graduate training in the UK Technopolis 2015 EconomicBenefitsOfEngineeringReportMarch2015A.pdf
myGRiST presentation for EACH 2014 C.D.Buckingham Integrating patients’ and clinical mental health expertise within a single online decision support system: myGRiST 2014 grist-each2014-web-view.pdf
AFSP coding C.D.Buckingham AFSP coding instructions 2014 afsp-coding.pdf
Graphical Modelling in Mental Health Risk Assessments O. Obembe and C. D. Buckingham COGNITIVE 2010 : The Second International Conference on Advanced Cognitive Technologies and Applications 2010 cognitive_2010_3_30_30039.pdf
Investigating mental health risk assessment in primary care and the potential role of a structured decision support tool, GRiST Vail, Adams, Gilbert, Nettleingham, & Buckingham Mental Health in Family Medicine 2012 MHFM-09-057-vail-2012.pdf
Designing multiple user perspectives and functionality for clinical decision support systems C.D. Buckingham, A. Ahmed, & A. Adams PROCEEDINGS OF THE FEDCSIS, IEEE Xplore 2013 grist-fedcsis-2013-published.pdf