Documents for using GRiST tools and services

Title Author Publication Title Publication Date Uploaded File
Investigating mental health risk assessment in primary care and the potential role of a structured decision support tool, GRiST Vail, Adams, Gilbert, Nettleingham, & Buckingham Mental Health in Family Medicine 2012 MHFM-09-057-vail-2012.pdf
The GRIST web-based decision support system for mental-health risk assessment and management C.D.Buckingham and A.Adams First BCS Health in Wales/ehi2 joint Workshop 2011 grist-ita-workshop-2011.pdf
Examining the relationship between risk assessment and risk management in mental health E. A. Gilbert, A. Adams, & C. D. Buckingham Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 2011 j-psych-mh-nurse-final-proof.pdf
Graphical Modelling in Mental Health Risk Assessments O. Obembe and C. D. Buckingham COGNITIVE 2010 : The Second International Conference on Advanced Cognitive Technologies and Applications 2010 cognitive_2010_3_30_30039.pdf
A Method for Automatically Eliciting node Weights in a Hierarchical Knowledge-Based Structure for Reasoning with Uncertainty S. E. Hegazy and C. D. Buckingham International Journal On Advances in Software 2009 hegazy-cdb-iaria-09.pdf
Cues and knowledge structures used by mental-health professionals when making risk assessments Christopher D. Buckingham, Ann Adams and Chris Mace Journal of Mental Health 2008 jmh-published.pdf
Using XML and XSLT for flexible elicitation of mental-health risk knowledge C. D. BUCKINGHAM, A. AHMED & A. E. ADAMS Medical Informatics & The Internet in Medicine 2007 medinfo-07-cdb-published.pdf
Improving mental health risk assessment using web-based decision support C.D.Buckingham Health Care Risk Report 2007 hcrr-published.pdf
Psychological cue use and implications for a clinical decision support system C. D. BUCKINGHAM Medical Informatics and the Internet in Medicine 2002 medinfo-published-02.pdf
Representing the assessment process for psychodynamic psychotherapy within a computerized model of human classification. C.D.Buckingham & J. Birtle The British Journal of Medical Psychology 1997 bjmp-paper.pdf