Why GRiST?

We live in a crowded world but in our minds we can often feel lonely and forgotten.

GRiST and GRaCE are web-based applications that reconnect us within a caring and supportive network using advice from thousands of mental-health experts. The goal is to reduce risks such as suicide and violence, improve wellbeing, and help us live safely in the community. Download a pdf document for detailed information about GRiST or read about it on the web pages below.

GRiST is different because it:

  • is based on a psychological model of how people think and reason;
  • uses its psychological model to capture clinical risk assessment expertise;
  • is easy to understand and use because it reflects our own psychological processes;
  • links clinicians own expert knowledge to mathematical analysis of risk data;
  • helps ground risk evaluations in the best available evidence.

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