Research collaboration with Birmingham City Council

Dr Chris Buckingham, eGRiST managing director, is conducting research in collaboration with Birmingham City Council to find out how technology can be used to improve adult health and social care.

Chris met with staff from BCC to develop a plan for the research, which will examine how technology can allow those with care needs to live more safely and independently. eGRiST has a wealth of expertise in this area from our work on the GRaCE-AGE project, studying the use of sensors and other devices throughout the home to autonomously monitor health and wellbeing data and integrating this with the wider care network.

The research with BCC will also involve ExtraCare, a provider of specialised retirement accommodation across the UK, including Birmingham. ExtraCare are currently involved in a pilot programme for a sensor which is installed in the home and connects with the GRaCE-AGE platform (read more).

This is an exciting opportunity to use our experience in technology-assisted care to improve health and social care in Birmingham. We will share more details as we progress.