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Assessing the economic returns of engineering research and post graduate training in the UK
This report provides quantitative and qualitative estimates of the economic impact of the UK’s investment in engineering research and post-graduate training, across the economy overall and where possible distinguishing contributions to different sectors and areas of activity. It was prepared by Technopolis with the close support of the EPSRC and the Royal Academy of Engineering, and overseen by a project
steering committee chaired by Professor John Fisher CBE FREng. 
GRiST is mentioned in the report on page 30 and page 69 as an excellent example of impact.
GRiST at the British Science Festival in September, 2014.

Poster produced by Aston University for the 2014 British Science Festival, held in Birmingham in September. The GRiST event is at Aston University on September 11th from 15.30 to 17.30. There will be two presentations about GRiST and its use by people in the community at 15.30 and 16.30 in MB204. From 16.00 onwards, people will be able to try GRiST in our computer labs. MB370/372, with members of the GRiST team providing support and answering questions.

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Coding instructions for the NIH-ESRC consultations

Document explaining how to code the Stage 2 consultation transcripts from the NIH-ESRC study.

Flyer for GRiST conference, May 7th, 2013

Flyer and registration form

GRiST and Mental Health Providers Forum conference

Conference programme for the "Endorsing safer practice: Promoting positive risk" conference at Aston University on May 7th, 2012.

Brochure introducing myGRiST

Brochure introducing myGRiST for self assessing and managing risks and safety.

One page summary of GRiST

Brief overview of the GRiST project.

British Science Festival: 2010

Web page for GRiST on the 2010 British Science Festival

British Science Festival report: 2010

Report on the GRiST workshop at the British Science Festival.

Developing a Computer Decision Support System for Mental Health Risk Screening and Assessment

This ongoing research, funded by the NHS through its New and Emerging Applications of Technology, aims to improve mental-health risk assessments by developing a universally accessible computerised decision support system. The system will contain a risk-screening tool that records client data (cues) and provides risk estimates for suicide, selfharm, self-neglect, and harm to others. The tool is intended for use without specialist training and by any relevant professionals, not just those within health and social care. It will provide a new educational and clinical resource linking validated human expertise from mental-health professionals with statistical information extracted from a dedicated client database. Health and social benefits include earlier identification of people at risk, fewer inappropriate referrals, and multidisciplinary cooperation between health-care providers and other front-line workers.