Research Documents

You can download documents relating to the research and development programmer for GRiST here. Select the author names for a link to the full document description.

Title Author Publication Title Publication Date Uploaded File
Policy Based Generic Autonomic Adapter For A Context-Aware Social-Collaborative System Nazmul Hussain, Hai Wang, and Christopher Buckingham International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Computer Vision 2018 2018
Developing a Hierarchical Fuzzy Rule-based Model with Weighted Linguistic Rules: A Case Study of Water Pipes Condition Prediction Nasser Amaitik and Christopher Buckingham Computing Conference, 2017: IEEE Xplore 2017
Introducing a pilot data collection model for real-time evaluation of data redundancy Ali Rezaie-Yazdi and Christopher Buckingham Procedia Computer Science 2016
Mental health risk, safety, and the lost soul C.D.Buckingham, A.Adams, & A.Ahmed Care of the Soul in Illness and Health 2016
Attitudes of Older Adults towards Self-Assessment of Mental Health, Safety and Wellbeing Ine D'Haeseleer et al Engineering4Society 2016: Raising awareness for the societal role of engineering 2016
Moderating the Influence of Current Intention to Improve Suicide Risk Prediction N. Zaher and C.D.Buckingham AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings, 2016 2016
Types of Computational Self-awareness And How We Might Implement Them Peter Lewis CODES/ISSS ’16, October 01-07 2016, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 2016
Living well to the end: A phenomenological analysis of life in extra care housing Rachel l. Shaw, Karen West, Barbara Hagger, & Carol a. Holland. International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being 2016
Integrating service user and practitioner expertise within a web-based system for collaborative mental-health risk and safety management C.D.Buckingham et al Patient Education and Counseling 2015
myGRiST presentation for EACH 2014 C.D.Buckingham Integrating patients’ and clinical mental health expertise within a single online decision support system: myGRiST 2014
Understanding Data Collection Behaviour of Mental Health Practitioners Rezaei-Yazdi and Buckingham Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare 2014
Handling Varying Amounts of Missing Data when Classifying Mental-Health Risk Levels Saleh and Buckingham Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare 2014
Designing multiple user perspectives and functionality for clinical decision support systems C.D. Buckingham, A. Ahmed, & A. Adams PROCEEDINGS OF THE FEDCSIS, IEEE Xplore 2013
Investigating mental health risk assessment in primary care and the potential role of a structured decision support tool, GRiST Vail, Adams, Gilbert, Nettleingham, & Buckingham Mental Health in Family Medicine 2012
The GRIST web-based decision support system for mental-health risk assessment and management C.D.Buckingham and A.Adams First BCS Health in Wales/ehi2 joint Workshop 2011
Examining the relationship between risk assessment and risk management in mental health E. A. Gilbert, A. Adams, & C. D. Buckingham Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 2011
Graphical Modelling in Mental Health Risk Assessments O. Obembe and C. D. Buckingham COGNITIVE 2010 : The Second International Conference on Advanced Cognitive Technologies and Applications 2010
A Method for Automatically Eliciting node Weights in a Hierarchical Knowledge-Based Structure for Reasoning with Uncertainty S. E. Hegazy and C. D. Buckingham International Journal On Advances in Software 2009
Cues and knowledge structures used by mental-health professionals when making risk assessments Christopher D. Buckingham, Ann Adams and Chris Mace Journal of Mental Health 2008
Using XML and XSLT for flexible elicitation of mental-health risk knowledge C. D. BUCKINGHAM, A. AHMED & A. E. ADAMS Medical Informatics & The Internet in Medicine 2007
Improving mental health risk assessment using web-based decision support C.D.Buckingham Health Care Risk Report 2007
Developing a Computer Decision Support System for Mental Health Risk Screening and Assessment Buckingham, C. D., Kearns, G., Brockie, S., Adams, A. E., & Nabney, I.T. Current perspectives in healthcare computing 2004 2004
Psychological cue use and implications for a clinical decision support system C. D. BUCKINGHAM Medical Informatics and the Internet in Medicine 2002
Representing the assessment process for psychodynamic psychotherapy within a computerized model of human classification. C.D.Buckingham & J. Birtle The British Journal of Medical Psychology 1997